Fascia Blasting with Real Raw Beauty

Because the Fascia Blaster has made such a dramatic difference in life and body, I wanted to share a short video on how I fascia blast my legs. I started using the body blaster in January 2017. Since I started, I have lost 13 lbs, 5 inches off my hips and 4 1/2 inches off my waist. I also attribute the weight loss to eating a very healthy plant based diet and exercise. But as far as the inches off of the waist and hips, that has come because of the fascia blasting. I fascia blast each section for 5 min. But as I say in the video, you have to heat up the muscles first. I explained how I do that in the video. Once your muscles are heated up, you apply oil to that area before you blast. (Of course, I believe the best oil you can use is our Radiant Body Oil.) Then you begin to blast away. You will need to contract and tighten the muscle area that you are blasting also. One thing that I didn't mention in the video is that you will bruise. When you see bruising that lets you know that you are getting blood to that area. The bruising will last for a little while and then eventually go away. I still get a few bruises here and there, but it is rare. After 4-5 months, the area you are blasting just turns red. There are a lot of videos on you tube that you can watch for the different body areas. Also, there is a community of people on Facebook that post a lot of before and after pictures. And they are very inspiring. 

The Fascia Blaster will help to remove cellulite and wrinkles. It will smooth out the skin and give your skin a very toned look. I also bought the face blaster, but like I said, I was on a waiting list and it took 4 months. It was worth the wait. The body blaster will come in about a week. I am now hearing that another tool Ashley Black offers is the nugget. The nugget helps dig out hard to get to cellulite dimples. So it is endless. But the products do work. And you have to do them more that once a week. I blast my legs and arms one day, then the next day I blast my abs and back. I just keep rotating and take 1 day off. I use the face blaster 3 days a week, because you have to use it every other day.

If you have any questions about the fascia blaster feel free to write me. I am more than happy to help and answer questions. You order the products from https://ashleyblackguru.com

Until next time, Jan