4 Tips to Staying Youthful into Your 60s


Real Raw Beauty creator, Jan Laxton shares her lifestyle tips for women wanting to maintain a youthful face and body:


  1. Make juices with fresh fruits and vegetables. Juicing can be one of the easiest ways to supply your body with nutrients and vitamins. You will feel the effects of juicing within your body, then you will see its effects on your body.


    1. Exfoliate your face and body regularly. Adding exfoliation to your daily routine helps the natural shedding process of your skin and helps promote cellular renewal and collagen production.


    1. Make Time to Move. Whether you choose yoga, walking, or hitting the gym-- whatever you choose, just make sure that you break a sweat! The blood circulation will help to stoke your radiant glow.


    1. Clean and moisturize with oils. Washing and moisturizing your face with oils dates back to the days of Cleopatra. Traditional wash washes strip the natural oils out of our skin leaving our face to try and produce excess amounts of oil to replace the moisture. This causes an imbalance in our natural PH which is necessary to maintain beautiful skin. Cleaning and moisturizing your face with organic, unrefined oils will heal and nurture your skin.


    You don’t need to incorporate all of these at once to see results. Simply adding or changing one by one will help to create a radiant glow.

    The mother of four children (and turning 60 next year!), Jan Laxton, creator of Real Raw Beauty, was a “beauty product junkie.” As a child, she stocked away her allowance money to buy new beauty products at the drug store. As she became a mother, she subscribed to mail order products, bought new “shiny bottles” at the department store.

    In her forties, she started creating her own products because the ones at the department store weren’t living up to her expectations.

    When other mothers asked her skin routine, and women began pulling her aside at parties and dinners, asking for her “secret”, Jan conceived of the idea of bottling and packaging her secret blends for others.


    Jan created Real Raw Beauty with the highest quality unrefined, organic oils.

     And as you can expect, she now has a tribe of raving fans, and their “word of mouth” recommendations have catapulted Real Raw Beauty into success that she did not realize was possible.

    As one customer recounted,

    “I am one of those people having been in the beauty business for over 22 years where I am a product junkie!  I subscribe to almost every beauty magazine just to see the ads and what is new.  Over the years I have tried almost every high-end skin care line from Clinique to Crème de la Mer without seeing big results.  I have very dry, pale freckly Irish skin – the worst kind for aging gracefully.  But I can say honestly that I have found an amazing product in the face oils of Real Raw Beauty.  My skin no longer has dry patches, it is slowly fading my age spots and freckles, make-up application is easier as my skin is silky smooth and dewy looking.”

    Jan says, “Because I am a licensed esthetician, I understand the need for a great skin care routine. I didn't realize when I created my first bottle of face wash that this little bottle would launch a company with 15 different products. I created an organic oil cleansing face wash for myself because I couldn't find one that didn't have something in it that I didn't want to put on my skin, chemicals, toxins, dyes, fragrances, etc. Soon after I began using the face wash, I bottled up some for my friend and my daughters. Then people began to notice their skin and wanted to know what they were using and where they could buy it. And Real Raw Began! A passion and love for authentic organic skin care turned into a business. Now everyone can enjoy the same products and get the same results as I do.”

    We invite you to review our line to see how oils can naturally clean and moisturize your skin, giving you the Radiant Glow!