Coconut....Superfood #4

Ahhh the coconut....

Back before I ate raw I LOVED fresh coconut cake... I mean loved it!!!!! I would eat anything cooked that had coconut...Coconut shrimp, pie. cookies,etc....
Little did I know that raw coconut was considered a superfood, and had amazing health benefits!

So why is coconut considered a superfood you ask....Well from what I can uncover....

Coconut in sansckrit ( ancient language of India), is known as the tree that supplies all that is needed to live. WOW!!!
Coconut water is almost identical to human blood plasma, which makes it a universal donor.

The "meat" of the coconut has the ability to rejuvinate age-related oxidative tissue damage-helps prevent aging and degenerate diseases.

Improves the functioning of the nervous system
Very useful in weight loss, because it increases the metabolism.

Also strenghtens the immune system and improves digestion.

You can actually apply topically to a bruise or wound and helps with the healing.

For women who are concerned about their calcium being absorbed-coconut will help your body absorb what ever form of calcium that you are taking.

I buy organic coconut oil and add it to my morning smoothies-about 2 tbl.. I keep the oil in my refigerator, so it is in a hardened state when I am scooping it out, but will dissolve in the blender.

I haven't been buying fresh coconuts yet, but that is on my list of to do's-After researching the benefits of the coconut water, I am ready to learn how to pop a hole into the shell and insert a straw and drink the water......

These are only a very few benifits of the would take many blogs to list them all!

And to be honest, besides all the health benefits of coconuts-the raw truth is, it just makes me feel like Im on a tropical vacation every morning when I open the jar of coconut oil and smell that incredible smell...

So if you haven't tried out the superfood COCONUT, take a little trip to Whole Foods or your grocery store and pick up a couple of coconuts and drink some juice or add coconut oil to your smoothie and let me know what you think!!!
Untill next time,