Radiant Face Exfoliator


  • Radiant Face Exfoliator
  • Radiant Face Exfoliator

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If it's glowing radiant skin you want, you will need to exfoliate. I recommend exfoliating first thing every morning.

Adding exfoliation to your daily routine helps the natural shedding process of your skin and encourages smaller pores, improved skin texture, acne and breakout prevention and helps promote cellular renewal and collagen production. 

 Our skin sheds 30-40 Thousand skin cells per minute. The skin cells on the top layer of our skin do not naturally slough off on their own. So in order to reveal the new skin underneath the dead skin cells we have to exfoliate. 

You can exfoliate and experience radiant skin by applying a teaspoon size amount of the Pink Himalayan Exfoliator onto a damp face. Gently move the fingertips in a circular motion all over the face. Avoid the under eye area. This will only take a minute or less. Rinse your face with warm water, then make sure to splash cold water before you towel dry. You should feel and see remains of the organic oils left on your skin for hydration. Your skin will look supple and radiant.  Apply Radiant Moisturizer after exfoliating for best results. You are going to love what you see!

8 oz jar contains Pink himalayan salt, 100% Organic unrefined coconut, jojoba, moringa, almond and carrot seed oils. 



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