Radiant-A - Nighttime Repair Serum


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Indulge your skin and experience the luxury of Radiant-A's pure Organic unrefined blend of oils.

This facial oil beautifully promotes cell turnover and the stimulation and production of collagen and elastin. This collection of plant-based retinols work at a cellular level to improve your skin appearance and support the production of new skin tissue resulting in younger smoother looking skin.

Radiant A Nighttime repair serum contains a proprietary blend of Organic unrefined oils: Bakuchiol, rosehip, carrot, and tamanu oils.

Directions: Pump 2-3 times into the palm of your hand and apply to your face and neck.

****This product contains carrot seed oil, which should not be used if you are pregnant. You can request a bottle without the carrot seed oil



Bottle size is one ounce and has a 1 year shelf life.



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