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Work With Me

🙌 I am offering something that I have NEVER offered before. 🙌
You may be surprised by this, but I have a passion bigger than skincare.😮
I have a heart for women who have experienced the same issues I had 3 years ago.
Weight Gain. (To the tune of 40 pounds!)
Crazy Hormones...😱
Low Energy.
Low Libido.
I went through a rollercoaster due to my body changing. It was bizarre. Isolating. Frustrating.
OMG--Frustrating!!! I didn't even feel like myself anymore.
I didn't know if the "old Jan" would ever return.
So I started down a path of health, nutrition and recovery to take back the life I had.
I was not going to let aging take away my vitality.
My vibrancy.
And through research, blood tests, and trial and error on myself, I achieved everything I had desired.
I dropped every pound I had gained.
My hormones are now in balance.
My energy and libido are better than ever.
It wasn't an easy fix, and took years to discover.
In the process, I also became a Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness coach to help other women with these issues.
So I will be offering one-on-one coaching with me to help you resolve any of these issues. We will work together and discover imbalances, then achieve the results you are looking for...whether it's a rocking body or increased energy or leveled hormones.
Let me guide you through the path that was tricky by myself.
Let me be in your corner rooting for you.
Take the first three months of 2018, and let's smash your goals.
The first 10 people to sign up will receive $50 off monthly coaching, and that will be the price you pay forever.
Watch the video, then sign up!
To your stunning success,


3 Month packages @ $350 per month includes:

Health History Consultation

6- 50 minute, one on one phone (or in person) sessions

24/7 Email and Txt support

Meal planning around your specific needs and goals.

Create an exercise plan that works for you.

Hormone balancing help and support.

Recipes, handouts, youtube recommendations, and reading material.

All of this to put you on a path to health, wellness and freedom.

First 10 people to sign up get $50.00 Off per month. Use Discount Code-Health