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Ladies, on August 26,  grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and join me for Real Raw Beauty's second Gua Sha Stone Workshop! 

The cost of the workshop is $25.00. You can purchase the Jade Qua Sha Stone separately on the website.  You will need a Qua Sha stone for the workshop. It is a hands on workshop and you will be using your stone along with me as I demonstrate.

 This beauty tool and exercise is one that I personally use nightly and have seen remarkable results. The stone for this workshop is made from Nephrite Jade, a dense stone that glides like silk on the skin and effortlessly contours the natural geography of the skin.

It is the best way I have found to lift, tighten and reduce small lines and wrinkles on my face, neck and especially the lines around my mouth.

Once you have been properly taught on how to use this stone, you will discover that it is the gift that keeps on giving. It is a wonderful alternative to Botox and fillers.

In the workshop, I will teach you how to hold the stone, and how to use the different edges of the stone for areas of your face and neck to get the most efficient results.

I will show you how to smooth out the lines on your neck, above your lips and the  along with the marionette lines. Also those pesky 11 lines on your forehead.

I will teach you how to reshape your jaw line and lift and brighten the area above your eyes.

I have been using my stone for over 2 years, and it is just as important to me as my skin care.

 The gua sha stone is a full face massage and is designed to relieve tension in the muscles in the face, create more blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

It also helps break up the fascia, and your skin will look smoother and lifted just after one use.

 This one paticular beauty tool is paramount to maintaining beautiful glowing skin. It has been around for centuries, but has just recently found it's way into American women's hands.

It uses your own body's resourses to heal your skin and slow down the aging process. 

Prior to the $25.00 workshop, you will recceive an email with instructions on how to join the online workshop. 

The workshops will take place in the evening, 8:00 EST.

In addition to the actual workshop and stone you will receive a video guiding you through a gua sha stone session that you can use to help you remember the moves.

 You are going to Love the results you see from this ancient beauty tool!

Use the Discount Code:Workshop at checkout to receive free shipping for your stone. Cut off date for workshop is August 1, 2021

Dont miss out!

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